5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Google Partner

Every online business needs to make the most of their advertising and one of the bang ways ensuring maximum bang for your buck is work with a Google Partner.These are marketing, advertising and online professionals accredited and approved by Google for managing AdWords accounts and below are five reasons that you should be taking advantage of them:

  • We are a known quantity

When you are looking for a company to manage your AdWords you know that those displaying the Partner badge have been through Google’s qualifications and know their stuff. You also know that they manage a minimum of $6000 (approx £4850 at the time of writing) of advertising spend in any given 90 day period. This is a requirement laid down by Google to ensure that only the best and busiest receive can call themselves Google Partners.

  • We work directly alongside Google

As Partners we have access to the latest training and best practices straight from the Google community, practices that can benefit you and your business by increasing conversions and reducing spend, improving overall ROI.

  • We can access credits and special offers

Want to try AdWords obligation free and without any major cost? Well periodically Google issues credit offers to us designed to allow new customers to try AdWords for a couple of months without committing a lot of money to it. Once this period is up and you have evaluated the results, you can either walk away or choose to carry on (trust me, you’ll want to stay).

  • Google monitors us

Throughout our running of client accounts Google monitors the campaigns that we create and the changes that we implement to ensure that we deliver a consistently high level of service for our customers.  They also require us to maintain best practices in order to retain our Partners badge so you can be sure that your AdWords account is in the very best possible hands.

  • Transparent fees

Google rules require us to be transparent with our customers over account management fees, making it clear what the customer is committing and agreeing to. Jigsaw fees are always agreed in writing in advance of beginning to manage the account and from there are billed monthly. Customers are required to add a payment method to their account so that the fees payable directly to Google can be taken automatically. This helps to ensure that adverts are continually being shown Need help with your advertising or want to try AdWords for the first time?

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