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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a new website take?

This differs from project to project depending on size and complexity but your new site could be live in as little as 2 weeks. Once we have spoken about your particular needs I can give you a more specific time frame.

Are there any ongoing costs?

In short no, not from Jigsaw. Once your project is finished the keys are handed to you. All Jigsaw-built products come with free hosting for an initial period but once this period expires your hosting will need to be paid for, either on an ongoing basis with us, or with another provider.

All websites also need to be maintained regularly to ensure they remain in good working order going forward (think of them like a car), to that end we offer a range of maintenance packages to give you piece of mind.

Can you help me generate traffic?

We certainly can. We provide a range of services including PPC (Google AdWords), social media management, Facebook and Twitter advertising and tailored email campaigns. All sites are also equipped with Google Analytics allowing you to monitor traffic levels and customer behaviour.

Can my existing website be updated?

If it is a site built on WordPress already then yes it can, however in the majority of cases it can be better to start over. The most likely scenario is creating a fresh site incorporating some of your existing content to ensure brand consistency.

Can you help with my site content?

Absolutely. Regular content is ever more important both to potential customers and also to the major search engines but it tends to be one of the things that business owners struggle to find time to do. We can provide web-optimised copywriting for your web pages and regular blog content.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes. In particular we recommend our support and maintenance pack as an add on for your website as it covers your hosting costs and ensures that all of the software on your site is up to date and fully backed up.

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