Email Campaigns and Social Media

For most modern businesses, email campaigns and social media channels along with AdWords are an essential part of the mix. If you’re not active in at least some of these channels, your business could be missing out on customers and sales.

Find out how Jigsaw can help you maximise email and social media:

Email Campaigns and Social Media

Email Campaigns

In an online world that has multiple online and social channels that allow business to attract and interact with customers, email remains a powerful marketing tool. Certainly, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

Recent research suggests that email is something that people still check at least once a day so it offers you a chance to regularly grab the attention of both existing and potential customers.

The key is tailoring your email output to their needs and interests, just blanket mailing your whole list is not a method that is going to bring good results, and that is where tools like MailChimp come into the equation:

Email Campaigns and Social Media

Targeted and Automated Email Campaigns

MailChimp is our personal email system of choice and not only because they send us socks at Christmas (they really do). It is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to market effectively to your customer base and we recommend it because it creates elegant emails that work beautifully on any device.

It’s great for just about any business area but is particularly effective when it comes to e-commerce as it can be connected directly to Woo Commerce stores and gather priceless data on customer habits and preferences.

Adding a new product to your range? Use MailChimp to send an email campaign to customers who have bought from that category and immediately get the attention of customers that are likely to purchase. Find out how targeted emails can turbocharge your sales

Email Campaigns and Social Media

Facebook Social and Marketing Campaigns

As the UK’s most popular social platform with over 31 million users, Facebook is a fertile environment for well planned and targeted campaigns.  Facebook advertising allows you target its users based on demographics, area of the country and interests allowing the creation of tailored and detailed campaigns that bring the right kind of customer to your business.

At Jigsaw we have a proven track record of generating engagement, sales and growing online presence for clients through targeted post boosting and bespoke Facebook advert creation. Why not find out what we can do for your business?

Email Campaigns and Social Media

Twitter Social and Marketing Campaigns

While getting on to Twitter as a business is straightforward, getting it right can be an altogether harder trick to pull off. Twitter only gives you limited profile space to showcase your business so what do you use and what do you leave out? We can show you.

Twitter is also an up and coming advertising platform and while it doesn’t have the same user numbers as Facebook, it is an ideal platform for building some buzz around your business. It also works well as a customer service channel. It is a versatile tool that can bring benefit to just about any business. Let us show you how.

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