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Google AdWords are the perfect avenue to make an immediate impact to your business and to your sales as they can jump you to the head of the search queue and make you highly visible to customers. In fact research shows that ads appearing in the top 3 places in a Google search attract 40% of the traffic.*

*according to Wordstream.com

How Do Google AdWords Work?

AdWords come in several forms including Search, Display and Shopping Ads, all of which work on a auction-style system.  Adverts appear based on a combination of their relevance, quality and the amount bid (all of which adds up to something called the Google Ad Rank).

Which Type Is Best For Me?

The answer to this question lies largely in the goals that you have for your business. Are you a consultancy that is looking to generate enquiries from potential customers? Then Search Ads are the solution for you.

Are you an ecommerce store looking to sell your products to a wider audience? Then Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) are the things that you need.

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Jigsaw Creative is a fully accredited Google Partner, find out why you should use one for your AdWords campaigns in our blog post 5 Reasons You Should Use a Google Partner.

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