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Increase your revenues with Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are a great, straightforward way to grow the income streams for your business and bring your products to the attention of a wider audience.

Whereas regular AdWords can cost you north of £1 per click to appear anywhere remotely worthwhile, Google Shopping can be effective with bids from as little as 15p meaning that it is by far the most cost-effective way for small businesses and large ones alike to widen their customer base..

Google Shopping WordPress

Google Shopping Success Stories

Google Shopping ads have been proven to work for businesses of all sizes, Google has even compiled a few case studies that demonstrate the flexibility of the platform across all levels and sizes of business.

How they work

To work effectively the products you want to sell need to be accurately categorised along the Google guidelines to make sure that they show up for the right kind of searches. We also need to supply Google with regular price, sale price (if applicable) weight, shipping information and an accurate description.

Product Feed

All of this information is compiled into a product feed that is automatically uploaded to Google every 24 hours so any price changes etc that you make are reflected quickly (the feed can also be triggered manually if the changes are urgent).

From there the product feed is managed from Google AdWords in a similar manner to a regular campaign where custom bid levels can be set, geographic areas can be targeted and certain hours of the day can be prioritised if you feel that it will work for your business. For example if traffic is high in the evening after people finish work you can choose to increase your bids by a certain amount or percentage between 5 and 7pm.

What do they cost?


On top of your advert bids (which are paid directly to Google) there is a cost associated with creating the feed, this can vary from £50 to several hundred pounds depending on the number of products and therefore the amount of time the job would take. From there you are free to manage everything yourself or for a monthly retainer you can let Jigsaw take care of it all for you.

Why not take a look at how Google Shopping ads worked for Grape Tree by helping to grow their online presence and driving online sales.

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