The Importance of Not Being Idle

When new small businesses start out with their own website there is an understandable obsession with how well that site will show up in search results as after all, if nobody can find you, your business won’t grow.

The key element here is getting your site indexed. Without this your site may as well not be there at all as the search engines will leave you at the bottom of the pile. For those that don’t already know, the term ‘indexing’ in this context refers to a search engine keeping a record of your site and regularly crawling it, i.e. coming back to check if anything has been added or removed.

What many businesses don’t know is that getting Google to notice your shiny new site and having it indexed can be achieved quite quickly. This is done by registering the site with the Webmaster Tools utilities for both of the major search engines, the combined Bing/Yahoo engine and Google itself.


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Once registered you need to submit your sitemap to the search engines so that each of the pages you want to be visible in the search results can be individually indexed.

It is an option that is widely underused by small businesses as they are either unaware of the existence of Webmaster Tools or of the potential ranking benefits that registering can bring.

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