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Grow your income streams quickly with forward thinking online advertising and ecommerce solutions.
In the modern business world it pays to have an online presence, particularly so if you are a retailer or service provider. The internet is awash with potential customers on the lookout for businesses like yours. Brilliant right?

Yes but there is a caveat. When it comes to selling in this most crowded of marketplaces it can be difficult to stand out and really draw the eye of the customer. So how do you do it I hear you ask (you did ask right?), well the answer is made up of three main strands:


Firstly you need a quality website design that works well on all devices and is visually appealing to potential customers. Jigsaw designs use WordPress because in many ways it’s like an online Swiss Army knife – versatile and able to meet the needs of just about any project beautifully.

It is also extremely easy to manage when it comes to the day to day running of your website. Adding new blog content, new products or checking up on the monthly sales figures are all achieved in a matter of clicks.


Woo Commerce is a highly customisable and flexible e-commerce package that can be tailored to fit the particular needs of your store. It is involved in over a third of all web stores globally and is a staple part of Jigsaw designs.

Jigsaw clients generate thousands of pounds worth of sales each month using Woo Commerce powered online stores that offer customers easy navigation and streamlined, secure checkout.

Google AdWords/Google Shopping

Google AdWords is the quick and effective way to bring customers to your business

Jigsaw are experts at maximising your spend and showcasing your business to high-converting customers and driving your business forward.

By combining these three strands into a well thought out online business you give customers the chance to find find and engage with you (AdWords), provide a reliable and easy to navigate web experience (WordPress) and for those businesses that sell online, a sleek and secure way to make their purchase (Woo Commerce).

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