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Mark from Advanced Scape approached us as he was keen to see the company get the maximum bang for their AdWords buck. To help the company achieve that we undertook a full AdWords review, organising keywords, links, landing pages and adding extensions that make adverts stand out to customers on Google.

Essentially trimming the fat and improving the vital AdRank score all at the same time, helping the company appear more prominently and also to an audience more in line with their product offering.

AdWords and WordPress
In addition the AdWords improvements Advanced Scape were also keen to have their website homepage redesigned to make it easier for customer to navigate and to find what they want.

In came improved and streamlined sliders, a new product listing and contact form to capture relevant customer information when they request the company catalogue. All of which worked to create a cleaner, easier to use feel for customers landing on the site.

The End Result

Post-review the Advanced Scape AdWords campaign is running efficiently with the Google AdRank score increased and cost per click reduced by around 20%, helping the comapny squeeze more from its budget.

The design and UI changes were also a hit with the company. Glad we could help!

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