Central Vintage Jewellery


We were approached by Central Vintage Jewellery as they were looking to widen their sales market by getting their beautiful range of art deco rings featured on Google Shopping. At the time of the approach their website didn’t have an SSL security certificate (one of Google’s non-negotiables when it comes to shopping) and a product feed needed creating to update daily changing stock with Google.

Central Vintage Jewellery

First thing to be done was obtaining and installing an SSL certificate and ensuring that all resources loaded from HTTPS to ensure that the side was secure and displayed that reassuring padlock in the address bar. Once that was up and running we created a Google Shopping feed that would auto upload each day and ensured that all products were featured in relevant categories.

This made sure that they attracted customers looking for vintage jewellery and though this type of specific audience takes time to achieve it is most certainly worth it as these customers are roughly twice as likley to purchase from you, which is what it’s all about!

Last thing we had to do was connect the shopping feed to the Central Vintage Jewellery adwords account so that bid levels, targeted times of day and seasonal promotions could all easily be managed and the performance monitored and away we went!

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