Grape Tree

Getting Grape Tree Online

At the point I got involved with this particular project Grape Tree was already a highly successful high street business with over 60 retail locations, but their online presence wasn’t at all what they wanted.

What they had was a basic iframe website that wasn’t appealing to customers or easy to use and unsurprisingly, it wasn’t driving sales. It was time to update the Grape Tree online offering.

Focusing on making the site as easy as possible for customers to navigate I set to work creating the updated site using my trusty companions WordPress and WooCommerce.

 The Finished Product

The store is underpinned by regular email campaigns to customers, social media engagement across several platforms including Facebook and Twitter and an ongoing Google Adwords campaign run by Jigsaw encompassing Google Shopping and Google Display Network ads.

The finished site was launched in December 2014 and now houses a range of over 500 products. It has logged almost 3500 sales and has turned over in excess of £180,000 during 2016, regularly ranking in the top 10% of Grape Tree’s 80+ stores for weekly takings with further growth and improved performance to come.


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