SEO Basics: Rich Snippets

In the wake of Google confirming an increase in the length of rich snippets we thought it would be a good time to break down exactly what rich snippets are, what they do and why the ones on your website need to be right.

What are Rich Snippets?

Basically they are the little ‘snippets’ of information that appear below a given URL in the search engine results:

Google Rich Snippets

Why are Google increasing the Rich Snippet length?

As with all things Google they haven’t come out and told us why they are making this change (that would be too easy) but it’s a pretty safe assumption that the aim is to help with search relevance for both themselves and users.


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Why are they important?

Their importance is two-fold. Firstly they stand out visually in the search results and they draw the eye meaning that the likelihood of your link receiving a link increases, driving traffic to your site which is what we all want. Plus, over time as Google sees the improved click-through rate of your URL it will boost its position over other similar search results so it’s a win-win scenario.

Secondly rich snippets help Google categorise and rank your page for the right kind of search terms. They are your chance to tell Google exactly what your page is about while making them attractive to users.

How do I get snippets in my search results?

You get them by adding something called ‘structured data’ to your web pages. Structured data is readable language for search engines which take that information and create the snippets in the search results. They can be reviews, product prices or recipe information among others and they all make your more visually appealing.

Why not get in touch and ask us about adding rich snippets to your search results to really make your site stand out and drive traffic to your business.

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