The Jigsaw Journey - Jigsaw Creative Services

Jigsaw is in certain ways the continuation of a journey and in certain other ways a completely new one.  It continues my 6 year post-degree career path but in the same instance is the first time that I will be striking out on my own.

So far since completing my studies I’ve worked in public relations (largely as a copywriter and social media manager), marketing and web design. I’ve written articles for national newspapers, built successful websites and e-commerce stores, created high-performance AdWords advertising and marketed products through email, print and social media.

It has been a great path that has allowed me to learn new skills while developing and honing existing ones but having my own business has always been the end game and now is the moment for that step into the unknown.

The first piece of the puzzle (I can hear the groans but I’m sticking with it) was creation of the Jigsaw website as a place to showcase my work and formalise my freelance doings into an actual business.

Next is growth. So if your business has web design, copywriting, advertising or marketing needs or you have a business idea that you want to get off the ground, get in touch! You can either complete my contact form or you can get me on 07432 290895.

At the moment Jigsaw is a part-time venture (bills to pay etc) so if you miss me on the phone please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Finally, at the risk of this turning into an Oscars speech I would like to give my thanks to my family, in particular my mom and my fiance Zara, for their patience over these last few months listening to my business musings and for their unstinting support. Time to get to work!