Website Design West Midlands

Website Design West Midlands

Every modern business doesn’t just need a website, they need a website that meets their needs and those of their customers. That’s where Jigsaw comes in.

By asking you a range of questions covering your goals, budget, image and requirements we can develop an understanding of what your startup idea or existing business needs.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is one of the single most important elements that any modern website has to have. The days of websites being viewed purely on desktops and laptops have long been consigned to history, now potential customers use a wide array of devices with differing screen sizes and your website needs to be able to adapt.

All of my designs are fully responsive meaning that they work beautifully on all devices from mobiles and tablets to good old laptops and desktops, making them easier for customers to navigate and increasing the chances of that customer converting.

E-commerce Friendly

All Jigsaw e-commerce designs come with the powerful and easy to use Woocommerce system which now plays a part in no less than 37% of online stores worldwide.

It features easy to navigate product listings and a streamlined checkout process that allows you to accept payments via PayPal and all major credit cards, making ordering with your store as easy as possible and maximising your income.

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