What is an SSL certificate and do I need one?

What is an SSL certificate?

In short an SSL certificate is a technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a server and a client, most typically a website (server) and a customer (client). It allows the safe exchange of secure information like credit card numbers and other sensitive details between the server and client and ensures that they cannot be maliciously accessed by a third party.

Why do I need one?

Basically speaking, to create trust. Trust is one of the most important elements of any business and particularly one that operates online as it gives customers the confidence to go ahead and make purchases. Customers are far more likely to purchase when they see the little SSL padlock in the top left hand corner, so it’s a great benefit to a business to have one. It is also particularly important if you are looking to either accept payments on your own web pages (rather than sending customers to a third party like PayPal) or if you want to implement a payment system from a major bank like Barclays, as they routinely require SSL.

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Are there any other benefits?

The first and most tangible benefit is that increased customer confidence which is likely to translate into more sales but there are also indirect benefits, like being ranked higher by Google. The search engine giant wants to send its users to reputable online stores and having an SSL certificate installed is one way to let them know that you are genuine and gain a ranking boost. Want to find out more? Then get in touch.

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